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Quick Estimate


Answer the questions below for a rough estimate of food stamp benefits. If you don't know what something means, please click on the link for more information.

Household Information
Household Size
Is anyone in the household 60 or older? yes   no
Is anyone in the household under 19? yes   no
Is anyone considered disabled under Food Stamp rules? yes   no
Do all household members receive EAEDC or SSI? yes   no
Are you a pregnant woman living alone? yes   no
Are all household members US Citizens?* yes   no
Is the household homeless? yes   no
If you answered no to this question, you can learn whether you are eligible for food stamps by doing the calculator rather than the quick estimate. Click here to go to the calculator.

Financial Information

Gross Monthly Earned Income $
Other Monthly Income $
Number of dependent children under 2 years old
Monthly cost of child/day care for dependents under the age of 2 $
Number of Dependents over the age of 2
Monthly cost for child care/adult daycare for dependents over the age of 2 $
Court ordered child support payment amount (Monthly) $
Monthly medical expenses for elderly or disabled household members $
Monthly Rent/Mortgage $
Do you pay heating or cooling separate from your rent? yes    no
Do you pay for other utilities? yes   no
Do you pay for telephone? (not cable) yes   no
(only answer if there are no children under 19 in the household)